Duel 194 - Should Vancouver have a Mansion Tax?

This week's question: Should Vancouver have a Mansion Tax? Jean Swanson is an archetypal leftist. In her bid to win the open council seat in the upcoming Vancouver byelection, the long-time anti-poverty advocate, social justice warrior and 2016 recipient of the Order of Canada is promising to pillage the wealthy to give to the poor. Swanson’s website states: “We need to Tax the Rich if we want to end homelessness.” Swanson’s plan is to seize $174 million each year from wealthy Vancouver homeowners via...Read More

Duel 193 - Is reverse racism a thing?

This week's question: Is reverse racism a thing? Looked at from every angle, the left has an enormous problem with race. First, Leftists have committed many of the most heinous acts of racial violence in history and they refuse to own up to it. Marxist-Leninists slaughtered people they deemed inferior in the tens of millions — many were people of colour. Adolph Hitler and his National Socialist Party committed the holocaust that annihilated 6-million Jews. Yes, “Socialist Party” means...Read More

Duel 192 - Is conservatism reactionary?

This week's question: Is conservatism reactionary? Long before small-minded, cowardly progressives began hurling the modern invectives of racist, sexist, homophobic, Islamaphobic etc. at anyone that dares disagree, there existed only one. The granddaddy of all left-wing political slurs: reactionary. It seems bizarre today to think branding a person’s political views as 'reactionary' would have any bite, but since the French Revolution the left has mercilessly bludgeoned the right with the label — conservatives acutely feel the sting. To be...Read More

Duel 191 - Should home schooling be encouraged in British Columbia?

This week's question: Should home schooling be encouraged in British Columbia? Critics of home schooling argue the quality of education received is below the standard of that delivered by the public school system. Allow me to acquiesce one point. Not all home-schooled students are stellar intellects. Oscar winning actress Jennifer Lawrence was home schooled and clearly there is a massive deficit in her understanding of, well, reality. Recently, she suggested the devastating hurricanes in the United States are signs of...Read More

Duel 190 - Could Trump’s new Afghanistan strategy work or should the U.S. just get out?

This week's question: Could Trump’s new Afghanistan strategy work or should the U.S. just get out? With a degree of certainty, I predict there will be a western military presence in Afghanistan for decades to come. U.S. President Donald Trump didn’t say as much when he announced his new strategy for the U.S. war in Afghanistan last week. But, it is the inevitable outcome. Trump heralded his approach as a stark departure from his predecessors’. In a speech...Read More

Duel 189 - Should both the extreme right and extreme left share blame for the Charlottesville tragedy?

This week's question: Should both the extreme right and extreme left share blame for the Charlottesville tragedy? Intellectual honesty is dead. Yet the left, which is responsible for its demise, continues to hammer nails into the coffin. Prevailing hysteria dictates every conservative is a fascist. This position is factually false, intellectually dishonest and extraordinarily dangerous. Blame for the violence in Charlottesville, Va., is shared by both extremes: the neo-Nazis and the antifascists. Each side provokes the other. Both...Read More