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61 | Sept 2, 2015
Brent Stafford with Neil Belenkie and Geoff Hastings live on Unfiltered (Global BC1)

ABLE BC is trying to kill wine sales in grocery stores. Because apparently capitalism is great until you have serious competition.

ICBC wants to raise rates again. The annual application to take more of your money. Which has also started the annual conversation about privatization of insurance. Thoughts? I’m sure you have thoughts. The government certainly won’t want to privatize their piggybank.

Storm! The windstorm has been illuminating (now that the lights are mostly back on). What are you taking away from the past few days?

Sex offender warning.

60 | August 31, 2015

Brent Stafford with Mike Klassen and Leigh Kjekstad live on Unfiltered (Global BC1)

The storm, the aftermath, the preparedness. Why weren’t we prepared for this? Why wasn’t BC Hydro’s website prepared for this? What does it say about us that people were fighting over power outlets at malls and Starbucks to make sure they could keep their technology alive? Does no one sit in with a candle, torch and playing cards anymore?

Yet again, we’re hearing that metro van housing is unaffordable – do you get a sense that this will change at all? federal leaders saying they’ll tackle it if elected – do you have any faith they will?

Ivan Henry wrongful conviction trial begins today – some estimate he could receive up to 50 million dollars in comp – is this fair for someone who has had 27 years of his life taken away?

Amal Clooney calls on Harper to intervene in the Fahmy case – should we be hearing more from him on this? Time for him to take a break from campaigning to help out?

59 | August 28, 2015

Brent Stafford with Paul Doroshenko and Leigh Kjekstad live on Unfiltered (Global BC1)

US tourist suing city and biker after fall on seawall last year – is it time to make cyclists take a test? Should they be insured? Is Vancouver too cyclist friendly? do they feel like they own the road?

Why does it cost so much to park at the hospital? Is $3 per half hour fair? What would be fair in your view or is it fair game as potion of parking revenue may go into healthcare?

Lots of applications to get into Vancouver pot business – this surprise you? are we about to be overrun with pot businesses?

Migrant / Refugee crisis getting worse – 71 found dead in the back of a truck in Austria – who are the people transporting these individuals? How should we be referring to these people – migrants or refugees?

58 | August 24, 2015

Brent Stafford with Mike Klassen and Samantha Falk live on Unfiltered (Global BC1)

Stock Markets – is this a temporary blip, or are we heading into another global economic crisis due to China?

Ashley Madison – Toronto police say the data breach at the Canadian based infidelity website has allegedly let to at least 2 suicides and numerous scams

Air Show Crash – In the wake of the crash, changes are already being made to the way Air Shows are held around the world – but can they ever really be held safely?

Train Terrorist Attack – How can someone board a train with an AK 47 and 300 rounds of ammunition? Should we be stepping up security on trains, on public transportation, ferries?

57 | August 21, 2015

Brent Stafford with Paul Doroshenko and Geoff Hastings live on Unfiltered (Global BC1)

The Lions Gate bump saga continues – is this another sign that more crossings are needed from North Van to Vancouver?

Van Housing Market & foreign Investment – according to stats some people living in 2 million dollar homes in Vancouver say their income is less than 20k per year! Is this money being held offshore or is it retirees who are living off their pensions / savings? Time for more transparency in the housing market?

Another standout neighbourhood is dissemination area 59150507, in exclusive South Granville, where 43 per cent (65 out of 150) had shelter costs exceeding total income. Median dwelling value, C$1.80 million. Median income, C$13,572.

Thousands expected at Vancouver street party tonight – it’s unsanctioned – police are concerned – why isn’t the city doing anything? OR do these people have every right to hold this party?

Duffy trial continues – how do you think Harper is handling himself on the campaign trail? How many more scandals can he endure?

56 | August 17, 2015

Brent Stafford with Mike Klassen and Samantha Falk live on Unfiltered (Global BC1)

Drone fly-over active wildfire yesterday, preventing air crews from being able to battle the blaze – what should be done about incidents like these?

“High” interest in pot “sparks” new course at Kwantlen university. Two-part program will teach how to grow and sell marijuana – good idea, or criminal?

Duffy Trial in an election – can Harper survive this unscathed?

Related Harper and election news, Sunday New York Times op-ed on Harper goes viral

According to a new UBC study, if everyone was as healthy as people in B.C., Canada would save billions in healthcare cost

55 | August 10, 2015

Brent Stafford with Chris Thompson and Randene Neill live on Unfiltered (Global BC1)

The Conservatives want to ban Canadian travel to areas controlled by terrorists. Is this a fundamental voilation of our human rights? Would it work?

VPD put out another warning about fentanyl after 15 OD’s yesterday alone – all heroin addicts. It’s believed most of the fentanyl- tainted drugs are coming here through Asia – and then being sent across the country. Doctors in Alberta and NS are also warning about fentanyl. Why is it suddenly so popular? Why are so many drugs being cut with it?

Polling companies are trying harder this election to make their predictions more accurate. Will online polls work better than phone polls?

A company is proposing to build a giant light maze down near olympic village this christmas. Neighbours have until next week to respond. Will it pass? If it doesn’t pass, is this another example of Vancouver’s NO FUN CITY?

54 | August 4, 2015

Brent Stafford with Vivian Krause and Samantha Falk live on Unfiltered (Global BC1)

Fentanyl Deaths – what’s being done to stop the flow of this drug onto the streets – police are recommending you head to a website called, is that really the best they can do?

Trophy Hunting- Air Canada becomes the latest airline to ban the transport of hunting trophies from Africa … A petition to ban grizzly trophy hunting in BC is gaining steam … Will this global outcry lead to change?

Deputy Sherriff facing charges after handcuffing 2 children with ADHD

Federal Election – Conservatives offered a home-renovation tax credit today – pundits are saying this is the first election EVER where BC will actually matter, we could be the king-maker, or majority win breaker

53 | July 27, 2015

Brent Stafford with Vivian Krause and Samantha Falk live on Unfiltered (Global BC1)

Maple Ridge Homeless – residents and local businesses are concerned about a growing homeless camp – city says it will address the issue, but when? And what about the growing homeless issue in our region?

$45,000 dollar parking stall – a stall in Yalowtown is now on the market – is this just another sign of Vancouver real estate gone mad? Or is it a practical solution to the downtown-parking crunch?

Bill Cosby – New York Magazine publishes as article detailing the stories of 35 women who claim they have been drugged and /or sexually assaulted by the comedian

Has anything changed since the 1960’s when these alleged incidents happened? Or can a man in a position of power still pretty much get away with anything?

“I Am Cait” debuts amid ongoing controversy including allegations of supreme behind-the-scenes deal making. Is this show doing anything to further the Transgender cause? Or is it a sideshow that detracts from the real issues involved?

52 | July 20, 2015

Brent Stafford with Mike Klassen and Randene Neill live on Unfiltered (Global BC1)

Federal Appointed panel on doctor- assisted suicide draws ire from BC Civil Liberties

BCLC Profits are bigger than ever – $1.25 billion!!! That makes it BC’s third most profitable company. Are we doing enough to help problem gamers? Is the government getting too greedy by raising limits?

Anonymous – BC Coroner has identified the man killed in Dawson Creek as 48 year old resident James Daniel McIntyre. It seems he was a part of the group, Anonymous. What do we think of the hacker group taking down the RCMP’s website, threatening to publish the officer’s name who shot McIntyre?

Child care benefit comes into effect today. Is the timing purely political? Will the Tories benefit?

51 | July 13, 2015

Brent Stafford with Jodie Emery and Leigh Kjekstad live on Unfiltered (Global BC1)

Former MLA Judi Tyabji speaks out about Nestle & groundwater in BC. Do you think she makes a valid point? What are the dangers of turning water into a commodity? – we’ll be interviewing Judi right before we start Here’s the Deal.

Leg resumes today to speak about LNG – what would you like to hear from government on this? Also – do you think that debate around LNG will actually take place or will there be more focus on other issues facing the Clark government – health firings / wildfire budget

Greece strike a deal – thoughts on this? will Greece pass the reforms? Are they better to exit the Euro?

Richmond wants to cut down on weekend construction noise – Are Sundays still a day of rest or is it time to accept that weekends are fair game for working – this follows the VPD cracking down on noisy vehicle traffic

50 | July 8, 2015

Brent Stafford with Ben West, Dara Parker and Geoff Hastings live on Unfiltered (Global BC1)

Conservation officer suspended after refusing to euthanize bear cubs – Should he be reinstated immediately? Is it not just part of his job?

Water – Drought hitting BC and we’re still giving away water – It sustains jobs in Hope but is that a good enough reason to allow companies like Nestle to continue to pull BC’s groundwater?

Liquor – month’s after the BC government brought in liquor rules … has anything changed? Can you go to your local grocery store to pick up a beer? The only think most people have noticed is how booze has gone up in price!

Salish Sea Tour

Environment Battle

49 | July 6, 2015

Brent Stafford with Chris Thompson and Leigh Kjekstad live on Unfiltered (Global BC1)

Air quality – Metro Vancouver had said they didn’t anticipate issuing an advisory because the smoke wasn’t dangerous. Is this an error on their part, or did the situation just deteriorate quickly?

Greece: what now?

China: because of the situation in Greece, are we ignoring an equally bad problem?

Donald Trump – still popular, but losing lots of money. Is he winning or losing?!

Seafood prices: is this inevitable?

48 | June 29, 2015

Brent Stafford with Mike Klassen and Leigh Kjekstad live on Unfiltered (Global BC1)

Greece -the markets are freaking out, Greeks are in serious trouble. What happens if they vote down repayment in the referendum?

Vancouver Living Wage – Is this the right call? What about making Vancouver more affordable than asking employers to pay more?

SAR Costs

17 search and rescue crews from around the province went looking for this couple. Right? Too many resources? Agencies don’t want to request payment, but how can these groups be compensated?

30 year anniversary of the cell phone in Canada! – Did you know this was going to be a game changer? Do you remember your first cell phone?

47 | June 25, 2015

Brent Stafford with Sandy Garossino and Leigh Kjekstad live on Unfiltered (Global BC1)

Rachel Notley really hits the ground running – as soon as she started she made big changes (minimum wage) – is this how quickly politicians should move?

The US has a new ransom policy. And it’s already working – is this change a good idea or just asking for trouble?

Harper SuperPAC.

Pot Dispensaries – How should the RCMP be dealing with this? Are we setting ourselves up for a bigger battle between VPD and feds?

46 | June 19, 2015

Brent Stafford with CJ Summers and Leigh Kjekstad live on Unfiltered (Global BC1)

James Moore leaving politics – Is this a retirement, or is this a sign another heavy weight sees the writing on the walls and is jumping the conservative ship?

Migrants with mental health issues held by CBSA – Should there be more oversight or rules in place for how CBSA gets to detain people? What happened to due process? Or are they protecting our country so too bad for some?

Curbing burnout, how Goldman Sachs is saving interns lives – forcing them to leave after a 17 hour work day? This after an intern at another banking firm died after working 3 days straight. What is going on here? How can people be expected to work these types of hours for free?   Is this a kind of modern day slavery? Or is the prize at the end of the road so good it’s ok to treat people like this if they’re willing to do it?

Dog attacked in Yaletown needs $10K worth of veterinary bills – would you pay that to save your dog? What do you owe your pet when you agree to take on an animal? And why is it so expensive here in Canada for veterinary care?

45 | June 15, 2015

Brent Stafford with Mike Klassen and Randene Neill live on Unfiltered (Global BC1)

Delta firefighters start performing emergency medical care at calls if they arrive before BCAS. BCAS and BC Emergency Health Services say what they are doing is illegal.

NDP BC Hydro critic Adrian Dix says Hydro spent $17 million on a website that they only initially planned to spend $2 million for. How fast is Metro Vancouver growing? Is it growing too quickly? Are we growing properly?

Bono is in Ottawa meeting with the 3 federal party leaders. Why? Does anyone care?

John Oliver roasted our senate expense scandal as being “truly Canadian” – taxpayers spent $23 million to discover just over a million dollars was incorrectly spent by senators

44 | June 8, 2015

Brent Stafford with Mike Klassen and Samantha Falk live on Unfiltered (Global BC1)

The “Cheapest” Houses in Vancouver – things are so crazy! A house in West Van sells for 1.1 million over ask

Strata Gone Mad

Yoga On The Bridge – this story still has flexible legs – it’s managed to anger seemingly everybody: political pundits, yoga fans, drivers, cyclists, aboriginal people

Naked Kids In Malaysia “Cause” Earthquake – Now in Custody – Foreign Affairs involved – should we be using tax dollars to rescue kids who did something so stupid?

43 | June 1, 2015

Brent Stafford with Mike Klassen and Leigh Kjekstad live on Unfiltered (Global BC1)

Burrard Bridge Lanes: The city cuts another lane. Are we going too far with bike lanes?

Pot Dispensaries: Two smash and grabs Saturday night – should police be cracking down on these places? What does this mean for the city’s proposed regulations?

Absentee homeowners: A new poll by Insights west shows 80% of people support an absentee homeowner tax. Is this a good idea? What will it take to get the city/province to take action?

Caitlyn Jenner: We can’t ignore this one today! But we want to talk about the PR machine (the release today, timed with a verified twitter account, the Diane Sawyer interview to the Annie Leibowitz photo shoot). Is this a well-choreographed machine or does it make you doubt the sincerity?

42 | May 29, 2015

Brent Stafford with CJ Summers and Robin Stickley live on Unfiltered (Global BC1)

Peter Mackay leaving – how do we keep good people from leaving for more money in the private sector?

FIFA Blatter back in – how with the massive scandal and corruption did this guy manage to get re-elected?

Patullo Bridge band-aid – is this a massive waste of money for a bridge that’s scheduled to be replaced within 10 years? Why do politicians hate doing necessary fixes and upgrades cause they’re not as sexy as unveiling/opening a new project?

Transit plebiscite, vote ends tonight at 8pm. Voter turnout was higher than expected, but even with the passion will it matter? If it’s a no, it’s back on the provincial government to figure out funding, if it’s yes, can we trust translink to spend the money wisely?

Purse with almost $2K in US cash was left in donation bin at Value Village – would you give it back if you found it? If you donated it, would you want it back? Kind of goes to the gift giving roll up the rim controversy, if you buy someone a cup of coffee, who gets the prize if they win?

41 | May 25, 2015

Brent Stafford with Mike Klassen and Randene Neill live on Unfiltered (Global BC1)

There was a rally this weekend to make housing more affordable. What needs to be done? And is it true millennials are leaving the city because it’s just too expensive? what does this mean for the future of Vancouver?

Transit Plebiscite

Metro Vancouverites have until Friday to get their vote counted – what’s going to happen with the transit plebiscite?

Only 25 intersections account for most of Vancouver’s red light tickets. Is that fair?

Air canada is checking carry on luggage in Toronto today. Is this going to make the airline more efficient, or just another cash grab?

40 | May 18, 2015

Brent Stafford with Mike Klassen and Geoff Hastings live on Unfiltered (Global BC1)

Victoria Day. What is Victoria Day? Why the monarchy still?

Whistler long weekend. What can a resort town do about the sadly inevitable crowd of drunken, violent visitors every holiday? May long is notorious in Whistler, any local will tell you they leave town or don’t go out.

Watch Here’s the Deal

39 | May 11, 2015

Brent Stafford with Mark Busse and Samantha Falk live on Unfiltered (Global BC1)

Topics: Conservative government signals intent to use hate crime laws against groups encouraging boycotts of Israel

The Green Part’s Elizabeth May goes loopy at Parliamentary dinner

Christy’s anniversary – 2 years since the Liberals surprised everyone with an election win – how are they doing? Wins, losses, LNG

Balconies used in Construction –owner of a downtown high-rise has agreed to let a neighbouring tower under constriction have access to its balconies – tenants are up in arms

38 | April 27, 2015

Brent Stafford with Jodie Emery and Samantha Falk live on Unfiltered (Global BC1)

Nepal Earthquake

According to the UN, there are 14 international medical teams now on the way to Nepal, 15 search and rescue teams – Canada has contributed $5 million, is that enough? What kind of an obligation do we have to help? Does the average Canadian care?

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder – NDP MLA Shane Simpson wants the government to introduce legislation recognizing PTSD as a Presumptive Illness for first responders – he will raise it in QP today

Empty Home Website – The City of Vancouver has plans to create a website for empty homes & condos in the city – should these empty places pay an extra tax? What about dealing with vermin, etc, who should pay for that?

Lottery Anonymity – Should big lottery winners be allowed to remain anonymous?

37 | April 20, 2015

Brent Stafford with Mike Klassen and Samantha Falk live on Unfiltered (Global BC1)

It’s 420 today!! Hooray, let’s all go out and break the law, while the police watch mind you. Regardless of whether or not you think it’s harmless, it is still illegal, should there really be a day celebrating breaking the law?

Violence in Surrey, another shooting, but weeks after saying she won’t speak about it anymore, Mayor Linda Hepner is expected to be addressing the increase of violence in Surrey in the past few months.

Migrant crisis in Europe, overloaded boats continue to poor into Italy and spain, hundreds are dying, and even if they get there, most are being sent back? What needs to be done?

48 in 48 campaign starting today on Global. How do we get more people to sign up for organ donation? What are some of the hang ups people may have about it?

36 | April 13, 2015

Brent Stafford with Trish Kelly and Samantha Falk live on Unfiltered (Global BC1)

The new St. Paul’s Hospital

Coast Guard continues to defend response time for last week’s fuel spill, says Kits Base would have made no difference – they are holding a presser right now, but here are the details from yesterday

Anti-vaxxers in Australia could lose government benefits if they refuse to vaccinate their children

Run Hillary Run – Clinton finally announces what we knew all along – and hits the campaign trail

35 | April 6, 2015

Brent Stafford with Jodie Emery live on Unfiltered w. Jill Krop (Global BC1)

Last week we talked about a Leaders Prayer breakfast that Mark Busse was at – Brent you asked him during HTD whether he knew if Christy Clark was religious – it would seem we got the answer on Friday! So let’s talk about politicians trying to appeal to all religions!

Rape story retracted – bad journalism combines with “Jackie” and whatever the heck she was thinking

Creepy or responsible? Could this lead to a day when couples are forced into this kind of testing and then bound either to having kids or not having kids?

34 | March 30, 2015

Brent Stafford with Jodie Emery live on Unfiltered w. Jill Krop (Global BC1)

Spying in Saanich – Maybe the new mayor isn’t a quack!

Furlong – are all the claims of sex assault levelled against him through reporter Laura Robinson without merit? – What do you think of this entire ordeal

Furlong interview with Gailus for reference

A response to reporter Vassy Kapelos from Danielle Smith “Piss Off” – should that have been “private” because it happened over text – or is any convo with a reporter “reportable”

33 | March 27, 2015

Brent Stafford with Mark Busse live on Unfiltered w. Jill Krop (Global BC1)

Perhaps you’ve heard. A Global BC meteorologists is pregnant and now getting mean mail from viewers who think she’s fat and shouldn’t be on TV! What is the guys perspective?

Another one of our segments happening before we get to you two, so not sure if you want to wade in here

Earthquakes – the big one – are you prepared? New report says, gasp, no surprised, we’re not ready – should we be “legislated” into getting ready?

Last biggish quake that caused problems – was in California.

32 | March 23, 2015

Brent Stafford with Paul Doroshenko on Unfiltered w. Jill Krop (Global BC1)

Auditor General for Local Government fired! This goes all the way back to the Christie Clark government implying municipalities might be doing a less than stellar job with managing cash – then the government appoints an AG who then, is criticized for doing a less than stellar job.

Incentives are back for purchasing Electric Cars in BC – good idea or waste of taxpayer’s money?

Pot smoking vets on the increase!!

Who or what is quintessentially “Vancouver” – silly stuff or valuable information?

31 | March 16, 2015

Brent Stafford with Jodie Emery and Randene Neill live on Unfiltered (Global BC1)

Hepatitis A outbreak at a Surrey Elementary School

Translink Vote

Ballots are being mailed out today – how will people vote, will they vote? This as another poll found the No side has a two-to-one lead over the Yes side.

New Canada – U.S. Cross Border Deal

30 | March 9, 2015

Brent Stafford with Jodie Emery and Randene Neill live on Unfiltered (Global BC1)

Transit plebiscite – a new Insights West poll says the “no” side still ahead in the transit vote, but a new study from the CD Howe Institute says a “no” vote will cost the city $500 – $1.2 billion annually

Doctors Suspended – a contract dispute between Vancouver Island’s front line doctors and VIHA has intensified. The doctors have been working without a guarantee of payment and now the health authority has suspended 3 of the doctor’s leaders.

Craft Beer – water consumption is up in the city of Vancouver – and city officials are asking the craft brewery industry to conserve and use less water in their beer

Cuddle parties are gaining popularity in metro Vancouver – 7 are planned for the month of March – why does this make people so uncomfortable?

29 | March 2, 2015

Brent Stafford with Mike Klassen and Trish Kelly on Unfiltered w. Jill Krop (Global BC1)

Gas Prices – drivers went to bed thinking gas was $1.12/litre only to awake to $1.30/litre – should there be more government control on the pricing?

Distracted driving – another campaign! – Is it time to really crack down, change the laws, ban devices?

Should the province continue to fund adult high school education?

How old is too old to go to the bar!

28 | February 23, 2015

Brent Stafford with Jodie Emery live on Unfiltered w. Jill Krop (Global BC1)

Ontario Revises Sex Education – too much for our kids or is it about time? We’re talking about the move by Ontario government and it ties into Brent’s Duel column so we’ll talk about that too!

Civil Forfeiture – an imperfect system? If so is that ok ? Keeping in mind two weeks ago the Clark government announced a new program to combat violence against women and it’s being funded with civil forfeiture $’s.

The battle over water rages! Are we being too generous with Nestle or is this good business? – NDP MLA Spencer Chandra Herbert took on Environment Min. Mary Polak in Question period last week on this issue.

Academy Awards – Did you watch to Oscars? Boring or not? Why do actors think they need to send big social messages? Or is it the perfect platform?

27 | February 16, 2015

Brent Stafford with Jodie Emery live on Unfiltered w. Jill Krop (Global BC1)

Toddler Death

Translink – Yes vote at it again today and temporary CEO Doug Allen on a media blitz today. Should we do what Michael Smythe is suggesting? And, Brent’s Duel column covers this too.

Family Day everywhere else today – why is BC’s earlier in February?

SNL’s 40th anniversary – what (if anything) the show has meant to you?

26 | February 9, 2015

Brent Stafford with Marcella Munro and Leigh Kjekstad live on Unfiltered (Global BC1)

Pot Dispensary Regulation – Is it really as big an issue as it seems? Is it time for the Feds to accept that legalization is the only way forward?

Homeless battle – Tim Hortons under fire after incident involving homeless person – Is this just another sign that we don’t know how to deal with homelessness here in Vancouver?

Finance – Global News Poll shows what’s keeping Canadians up at night – anything about this poll surprise you? Are we educated enough about finances in Canada? Is it time to put more focus on educating kids / teens about finances?

Smartphones are making us work more – is it time to go the way of France – logging off at 6pm means logging off at 6pm?

25 | February 2, 2015

Brent Stafford with Marcella Munro and Chris Thompson live on Unfiltered w. Jill Krop (Global BC1)

Mayors who want #YesforTransiteVote hold news conference this am. How’s the battle going so far? Is the no side running away with it or does the Yes side stand a chance?

Security Legislation – reporters in lock up for two hours were only given the document 15 minutes before lock up was over – is Harper government trying to limit what Canadians know about this legislation?

Super Bowl – Was this year the worst call ever? – There’s major buzz today in the wake of yesterday’s game! Is it enough for the Coach, Pete Carroll to take the blame? #GoHawks#12s

24 | January 26, 2015

Brent Stafford with Marcella Munro and Samantha Falk live on Unfiltered (Global BC1)

We’ve learned that transit employees get a 25% bump in wage for working weekends and there are bonuses for working late nights and shifts close together.

ICBC tolls and withholding insurance

Kinder Morgan executives harassed at dinner

NDP critic Spencer Chandra Herbert is calling on Christy Clark to meet an election promise to rehab St. Paul’s hospital, and on the same day the Premier announces an additional 6 million dollars in funding for the mining industry, could that money be better spent?

23 | January 19, 2015

Brent Stafford with Mike Klassen live on Unfiltered w. Jill Krop (Global BC1)

Van Island Minor Hockey Association considering banning spectators on weekends – Is this a bit drastic? Should there be drown monitors at games to throw out unruly parents?

Lawsuit launched against feds use of solitary confinement in prisons – Is it time to ban solitary confinement? Are there better ways to deal with these people in prisons?

Female lawyer on domestic abuse in Indo Canadian families – She makes some interesting points here – the pressure that some of these men are put under.

22 | January 12, 2015

Brent Stafford with Mike Klassen live on Unfiltered w. Jill Krop (Global BC1)

Paris massacre – huge turnouts at all the marches and rallies – is all the Je suis Charlie hash tag bravery too much?

Report on Murdered and Missing Aboriginal Women – Union of BC Indian Chiefs speaking out today

Exxon stepping into LNG game

Skytrain another breakdown – impact on referendum?

Golden Globes – Tiny Fey and Amy Poehler – Bill Cosby jokes did they go too far? Are they able to get away with it because they’re female?

21 | January 2, 2015

Brent Stafford with Laura Balance and Leigh Kjekstad live on Unfiltered (Global BC1)

Cancer study says most cancers are result of “bad luck.”

Ebola nurse in Kelowna – are we taking the right approach?

Point Grey bike lane – success story, or is what the city wants us to believe?

Janet Olson sentencing

20 | December 29, 2014

Brent Stafford with Mike Klassen and Samantha Falk live on Unfiltered w. Jill Krop (Global BC1)

2014 Top Stories – Poll – BCTF dispute is BC’s top story of 2014

16-day old baby mauled by family’s pet dog

Crime in Surrey

“The Interview” makes $15 million online on $44 million budget

Watch Here’s the Deal

19 | December 22, 2014

Brent Stafford with Mike Klassen live on Unfiltered w. Jill Krop (Global BC1)

Delta police pull wristband supporting officer charged in shooting – Should they have been supporting the officer at all?

New York Cops shot dead – Should there be a mandatory death penalty for shooting cops?

Christmas! Do you say Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas? Does it really matter?

Last minute shopping – Should stores close on Christmas Eve to stop the last minute panic buys? Have you got everything bought? Is there too much focus on gifts at Christmas time?

Seahawks – Can they repeat last year’s success? Big win yesterday!

18 | December 12, 2014

Brent Stafford with Laura Balance live on Unfiltered w. Jill Krop (Global BC1)

Hungarian family seek refuge in church following deportation order – Should they be deported? Is it fair that they can get sanctuary in a church?

Libby Davies announces she won’t seek re-election – what does this do to the NDP in Vancouver? Does it open the door to other parties to make a foothold in the Vancouver East riding?

Tom Gaglardi – owner of the Dallas Stars ordered to pay $140k after he destroyed a fish habitat – should he be ordered to tear it down? Surely this fine is just a drop in the ocean for him

No more booze for the navy!

Extra | Dec 3, 2014 | Kinder Morgan President Ian Anderson

Jill Krop interviews Kinder Morgan President Ian Anderson, following the Burnaby Mountain pipeline protests

Single Issue | Kinder Morgan Pipeline Expansion & Protests

Watch Brent Stafford with Vivian Krause live on Unfiltered for analysis immediately following Ian Anderson interview

17 | December 3, 2014 | Anderson Analysis

Brent Stafford with Vivian Krause live on Unfiltered w. Jill Krop (Global BC1)

Kinder Morgan and Trans Mountain Pipeline

Immediately following Kinder Morgan President Ian Anderson Dec 3, 2014 interview on Unfiltered

16 | November 28, 2014

Brent Stafford with Jesse Miller and Leigh Kjekstad live on Unfiltered w. Jill Krop (Global BC1)

VPD Cst. Monty Robinson punished today for shoving handicapped woman on the downtown eastside in 2010. He received 6 days suspension instead of the two he originally got. Is this enough? Would he have gotten anything if it wasn’t captured on video?

Veterans Spending – gov’t announcement last week for $200 million towards veterans is actually over 50 years, not the 10 originally reported. Can this still be considered an increase?

Female CEO’s – why are there so few?

Burnaby Hospital Pyjama nightmare – 85 year old man discharged from hospital in nothing but hospital gown, wife was shocked when he arrived home in a cab, is this how we deal with people in our health care system?

Kinder Morgan – protests continue, they won a big victory in court with no extension of injunction and all original arrests thrown out, but with gas prices dropping is there really any urgency for Kinder Morgan to get on with the twinning of this pipeline?

15 | November 26, 2014

Brent Stafford with Trish Kelly live on Unfiltered w. Jill Krop (Global BC1)

Ghomeshi charged!

Study calls for tax system overhaul – is our tax system out-dated?

Canada Post on track for profit – This comes at a time when they’re looking to cut back services – Time to end the cutbacks?

Election strategies spread online in maple ridge. Is this fair game on is it should it be against the rules?

Cancer agency CEO’s salary boosted by $75,000 a year via charitable donations

14 | November 18, 2014

Brent Stafford with CJ Summers live on Unfiltered w. Jill Krop (Global BC1)

Kinder Morgan Injunction – How long do you think the police will hold off before making arrests?

IIO review says Greg Matters enquiry was not “lacking integrity” – Should all IIO investigations have the same scrutiny?

Charles Manson – should he have right to get engaged and possibly marry?

Cosby – is this persecution? Or, is there something to the accusations?

13 | November 10, 2014

Brent Stafford with Laura Balance and Mike Klassen live on Unfiltered w. Jill Krop (Global BC1)

Julien Blanc

Brian Whitlock/mental health

Remembrance Day – in general – sporting events/tryouts on Remembrance Day – services around the Lower Mainland

12 | November 3, 2014

Brent Stafford with Shachi Kurl live on Unfiltered w. Jill Krop (Global BC1)

Lots of debate surrounding Vancouver School Board’s decision to reject corporate funding from Chevron – Are we in a place where funding like this can be turned down?

Right to Die debate sparks up again – Brittany Maynard ends her life – Time to allow people to make this choice for themselves here in BC?

Chris Rock pushes the boundaries again – monologue includes jokes about the Boston Bombings and 9/11- is this too much or is there an acceptable time to make jokes about tragic events such as 9/11?

11 | October 24, 2014

Brent Stafford with Laura Balance live on Unfiltered w. Jill Krop (Global BC1)

Calls to give CSIS more power in wake of Ottawa attacks – Are you ok with CSIS having more powers?

Media coverage of Ottawa & Ebola – differences between U.S. media & Canadian – Canadian coverage of Ottawa shooting is being praised, U.S. being called sensationalist with Ebola coverage. Also, are we scaring people more than we need to about Ebola?

Deer attacks Dog – are we too focused on conserving wildlife? Better to cull to avoid this happening again?

10 | October 15, 2014

Brent Stafford with Paul Doroshenko live on Unfiltered w. Jill Krop (Global BC1)

Ebola preparedness

Oppenheimer Park removal/police body cams (deadline is 10pm)

Surrey crime and the election (we had McCallum on last night and we’re having Hepner and Rasode today)

Solo in-studio live shirt pic

09 | October 2, 2014

Brent Stafford with Paul Doroshenko and Jesse Miller live on Unfiltered w. Jill Krop (Global BC1)

Premier Clark at Vancouver Board of Trade – reaction to economic benefits of LNG Picture day controversy at school in Vernon

Williams Lake Celebration of Life – City of Williams Lake is aware of the controversy surrounding its proclamation of Celebrate Life Week at its Council meeting of September 16th – Is it ok for city hall to take stance on this issue?

B.C. Court fees deemed unconstitutional

08 | April 14, 2014

Brent Stafford with Marco Ianuzzi and Leigh Kjekstad live on Unfiltered w. Jill Krop (Global BC1)

Vancouver School Board (VSB) Closures Coming – what’s the answer here?

ICBC Screw-up

Long boarding Video! Wow, how crazy is this? Did police act dangerously or are they doing the right thing?

Vancouver Canucks post-mortem

07 | March 31, 2014

Brent Stafford with Marco Ianuzzi, Leigh Kjekstad and Aaron McArthur live on Unfiltered w. Jill Krop (Global BC1)

Paying More For Everything!

Feds Appeal Medical Marijuana Ruling

Global Warming Report

Trudeau F-Bomb

Beckham Kid Modeling

06 | March 14, 2014

Brent Stafford with CJ Summers and Leigh Kjekstad live on Unfiltered w. Jill Krop (Global BC1)

Paramedics and Ambulance Wait Times

Bus Driver Attacks

Texas Dad Kills Teen

Harper Heading to Ukraine

05 | February 25, 2014

Brent Stafford with Jodie Emery, Leigh Kjekstad and Aaron McArthur live on Unfiltered (Global BC1)

BCTF Battle/Strike

Pot and the Agricultural Land Reserve (ALR)

Quebec Premier

Trudeau Ukraine Remarks

04 | February 14, 2014

Brent Stafford with Marco Ianuzzi and Leigh Kjekstad live on Unfiltered w. Jill Krop (Global BC1)

Vancouver Aquarium Expanding – should more whales be kept in captivity?

Team Canada Black Jerseys / Olympics – love these jerseys or hate them?

Valentine’s Day Sucks?

03 | February 6, 2014

Brent Stafford appearing with Sunny Lenarduzzi and Asa Rehman on Unfiltered w. Jill Krop (Global BC1)

Translink Referendum Postponed

Homeless Groin Kicking Video

BCCLA Enbridge Spying

02 | January 29, 2014

Brent Stafford with Chris Thompson and Leigh Kjekstad on Unfiltered w. Jill Krop (global bc1)


CBSA Detainee Death

Veterans Affairs Controversy

Justin Bieber Petition

01 | January 15, 2014

Brent Stafford with Vivian Krause and Leigh Kjekstad live on Unfiltered w. Jill Krop (Global BC1)

Surrey Crime Response

Sochi Gay Controversy

Kate Gossellin & Her Kids – Is she a good Mother?

Dec 4, 2013 | Unfiltered | Rob Ford

Brent Stafford Live on Unfiltered w. Jill Krop (Global BC1).

Single Issue | Rob Ford

Possible heroin use

Black mailing to get the crack tape (car and money)

Mayors cellphone is stolen and returned in exchange for pot

Alexander Lisi having influence over the police

Can his reputation be damaged any further?

Nov 29, 2013 | Unfiltered | Knockout game

Brent Stafford Live on Unfiltered w. Jill Krop (Global BC1)

Single Issue | Knockout Game

The ‘game’ involves randomly punching unsuspecting people in the head with the sole purpose of knocking them unconscious – what’s going on here? Are police doing enough?

Watch Here’s the Deal