Insert Coin
Culture of Video Game Play

Once a mere technological distraction, the video game is now a powerful media product whose influence permeates the very fabric of our culture. Video gaming has become the top play activity for children, surpassing all other forms of play. Insert Coin explores the extraordinary relationship an entire generation has formed with the video game and examines the phenomenal impact video game play has had on youth and their culture.

A one-hour independent television documentary and book, Insert Coin was produced and released in 1999 shortly following the Columbine High School Massacre. The project was created and directed by Brent Stafford to fulfill in part the requirements of the Master of Arts program in the School of Communication at Simon Fraser University

Upbeat and intended to cause debate, Insert Coin is thought provoking for any parent or educator or young person who is interested in what has become a key player in the technological revolution of the late 20th century.

Insert Coin Examines

Violence in Video Games
Addiction & Isolation

History of Video Games
How Video Games are Made

Marketing, TESTING & Why Kids Play
Scale & Scope of the Industry

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