Expertise & Commentary

Brent Stafford is a nationally known expert on video games. A regular speaker on the subject, Stafford holds a Masters Degree in Advanced Communications from Simon Fraser University where he produced and directed Insert Coin: Culture of Video Game Play a one-hour broadcast television documentary that examines the impact of video games on our kids and their culture.

Stafford frequently appears on television and radio programs to address the issue of violence in video games and the potential connection to mass shootings. He’s also been an invited speaker at prestigious events such as the global Electronics & Entertainment Exposition (E3) in Los Angeles.

Utilizing his extensive knowledge and contacts in both the film and video game industries, Stafford has created international promotional partnerships leveraging the power of video games for tier-one global brands. By partnering the powerhouse gaming studio Electronic Arts with the Pringles brand, Stafford delivered Lord of the Rings: Return of the King for an international on-pack promotion. He also leveraged Pepsi Co’s Super Bowl relationship to lock-in EA’s Madden NFL franchise and created Boston Pizza’s Madden NFL ’06 Super Bowl Sweepstakes. Stafford also delivered the $2-million anchor brand partnership to Comcast for the launch of G4 TV the first cable channel dedicated to video gaming.

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